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Alien Puma Space Train – conversations with my inner circle

Posted by tootyrox on December 5, 2013

On Reddit about 6 weeks ago someone reported that they bought a house, and it had a with a briefcase and inside the briefcase were all these tech drawings from the book of Ezekiel. Or something like that, the media report is more accurate

Here’s the first media report that Google brought up about it:


Well, on Reddit they made a subreddit to try and figure out what all of this is about and it’s called Alien Puma Space Train … ??


It seems that someone’s 12 year old son has been able to use a 3D rendering program (Blender) to render out one of the mechanical drawings from this guys pictures.

I’m guessing you’re going to know what it is but I still think this is pretty cool.

I think this is even Ezekiels "Wheel within a wheel" rendered, in 3D from mechanical drawings.

Surprise, it’s a UFO!!

Something that I noticed is that it looks a LOT like Bob Lazar’s drawings of the UFO that he claimed to have reverse engineered at Area 51; what he called the "Sport model"…


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